Red Palm WeevilRhynchophorus ferrugineus – the Red Palm Weevil

Big palm trees, imported from Spain and originating from Asia and Africa beautify golf courses, municipal areas, and give private homes an instant Mediterranean look. But they also carry a lethal freight: Rhynchophorus ferrugineus – the Red Palm Weevil.

Damages and losses of palm trees were first reported from Spain in 1994; since then the Weevil has spread, flying or being carried inside an infected palm tree, and has been doing its devastating work in Italy, on the Canary Islands, in France, and since a few years, also in the Algarve.


Pine Processionary Caterpillar

Thaumetopoea pinivora – Pine Processionary Caterpillar

The pine processionary caterpillar has its name from the habit of forming a snakelike line while searching for food. Their nests hang inside of the pine trees. It is highly recommended to not remove the nests without appropriate protective clothing.