BrookPonds fulfil different functions. A pond is a biotope for many plants and animals and is a highlight in your garden.

Without planting inside, a pond can be used as a reservoir or fire protection pond.

Professional planning is also required to build a pond. The following factors have to be taken into consideration:

  • Proportion of overall size to depth
  • Splitting the pond into different zones
  • Location of the pond to obtain enough sunshine on it
  • Plant composition and combination



If you donĀ“t want a pond but still want the water feature in your garden, think about a brook. Brooks follow the natural lie of the land and can be formed with the use of a pumping system.

Illuminating your water feature makes it even more attractive.


Swimming pond

A swimming pond is an option instead of a pool. The pond is separated into two sections: a swimming zone and a filter and regeneration zone. The water is cleaned without any chemical additions. The cleaning is effected by bacteria colonized in the root system of the plants in the filter zone.
The swimming zone will be deeper than the filter zone and is unplanted. A constant water exchange has to take place between both zones, normally it is reached by swimming movement. In case of underutilisation additional pumps can be installed.