There are more solutions than a simple concrete roof!

A roof garden is an interesting alternative to gravel or tiles and turns into a biotope without much effort.
The roof garden is included in the planning right from the beginning. It has to be defined, if the roof garden should serve as normal garden or just planted with succulents. Less concrete and armouring is needet with extensive planting.
A roof garden reduces the sealed area of a plot, a positve side effect is an improved indoor climate inside the house. A green roof is also possible on top of a carport or extension / shed.



1) Geotextile 270g/ m2 as  als Unterschutzbahn
2) Root Barrier Soft-PVC 1,2 mm
3) Drainage pipe D 65 mm and roof drain DN 70
4) Expanded clay 10-15 mm as drainage layer
5) Filter sheet of Geotextile 150g/m2
6) Growing layer of a substratum/expanded clay mixture
7) Sedum plants for roof greening.


The constructor hands over the roof area after successfull leakage tests. The area will be cleaned for not damaging the foil. After the foils have layed and heat-sealed, the drainage pipe is installed and connected to the roof drain. On top is a drainage layer of expanded clay, a filter sheet and mixture of substratum / clay for the plants.

We choosed sedum plants in different colours. Drip lines will be covered by the plants after a while, the wodden steps allow an easier maintenance of the roof garden.